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Everyone Deserves High-Quality Fuels. Everyone Gets Them From Us.

Gray Oil Co provides high-quality diesel, propane and gasoline. Those are the three big fuels, which means our business serves everyone. Farmers, so they can put food on our tables. Families, so they can stay warm through the night. Businesspeople, so they can keep earning their livings. We take pride in making such worthy causes possible. We also supply industrial lubricants, engine oils, hydraulic oil and grease for all agricultural and commercial applications.

Our wares put us everywhere. These are the sectors we proudly serve.


Busy farmers depend on Gray Oil Co for reliable fuel delivery. We know our diesel, and can quickly detect gelling, leaks, and other issues that affect tractors, trucks and pumps. Our locally owned business has sold fuel and lubricants to farmers throughout the greater Bismarck-Mandan area for over one century. We treat them as trusted partners. We know them by their names, and we understand their unique needs.

Off-Road Diesel
Also known as red-dyed diesel, or farm diesel. Meat, eggs, dairy, crops – this vital fuel powers the heavy-duty machineries that keep all agricultural businesses moving forward. Our trucks will transport any amount of off-road, #1 or #2 diesel to wherever it’s needed.

We carry Chevron brand heavy-duty engine oils. They promote greater overall efficiency, as well as longer lifespans for diesel particulate filters and other emission control systems.

We sell propane for heating, generators, weed control, irrigation and grain dryers!


If you run your home on propane, the answer to your heating needs isn’t black and white. It’s Gray Oil Co. Whether you prefer pickup or delivery, we’ll make sure you’re in healthy supply of the propane that keeps your family happy and your plumbing unfrozen.

We provide propane tanks ranging from 20 to 1,000 lbs in capacity. If you are buying or renting from us, we are available to set up the tank, trench in the piping, and hook it up to your property.

Propane FAQ

Q. Why does a propane tank gauge drop after delivery?

A. When it is delivered to a tank, propane is 100% liquid. Propane vaporizes at temperatures higher than -44 °F, which is why a percentage of the propane inside a tank will vaporize following delivery. That causes the tank gauge, which only measures liquid, to go down, although the total amount of liquid and gas propane actually remains the same.

Q. When should you refill a propane tank?

A. When the tank gauge reads 20% or lower. This gives us ample time to get to your place to fill your tank. If a tank is ran out completely, it will require a leak check and inspection before it can be refilled.

Q. What do I do if I smell Propane?

A. If it is in the house, extinguish any open flames, do not operate lights, appliances, or cell phones, – Get everyone out of the building and report the leak or smell
immediately – Shut off the main valve on the tank. Do not reenter the building until it has been detected and fixed.


Diesel. Propane. Gasoline. Kerosene. Lubricants. Fuel Additives. These are the substances Midwestern businesses are built on. Whether you need to manufacture plastic, cook food, maintain heavy machinery, or keep a fleet running on schedule, Gray Oil Co is standing by. Trust our drivers to deliver on time, and trust our experience to ensure you only buy the products your business needs.

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